Study Materials

This section will contain material to help you in your study of the Bible. Here you will be able to find the audio of sermons that have been preached here or episodes of the weekly radio program this church sponsors. We will also be posting various articles for you to read, as well as charts and class material. In addition to these, we have listed some links to other sites that may have some material that would be of help to you.

Articles – Articles on various religious topics.

Audio Files – Sermons and radio programs you can listen to online.

Charts – PowerPoint charts from sermons that have been preached.

Class Materials – Study questions from our adult Bible class.

Newspaper Articles – Short articles that have appeared in one of the local newspapers.

Radio Program – We are currently posting all of our new radio programs here. You can listen online or subscribe to receive them via RSS.

You may also check out these sites for useful material: